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Rural water treatment or purification, supplying drinkable water to catering units in hostile conditions or for emergency situations, as well as purifying water for industrial plants (food washing for example), making water drinkable for small communities ("reverse osmosis" water fountain) or simply home water filters (domestic reverse osmosis) and travel water filters, are the core business and the know-how of BURON® COMPANY.

Because of its simple, robust, and easy maintenance process, our technology through both our rural water treatment units and mobile water treatment units, has brought drinkable water to populations living in severe and hostile conditions, making them healthier. Our mobile units are particularly adapted to emergency situations such as floods, hurricanes, or any natural disaster situation as well as for refugee camps.
Our extensive experience of water filtration and purification is acknowledged worldwide.

Should you have any project as an institution, organization, company or community in rural water treatment, water treatment for industries, catering, or communities, please contact us or our partners.

Fountain RO (Reverse Osmosis)
For more than 150 years, BURON® has been a leader in the treatment and purification of drinking water.
BURON’s fabrication of purification filters for individual consummation has proven their uncontested efficiency and quality in Countries throughout the world.
Our filters producing 1 to 100 m3/ hour, have equipped a majority of “life bases” for over 40 years, as well as worldwide industrial and petroleum companies.
Our total range of products, starting with “micro filtration” and toping the range with “Reverse Osmosis” have proven their tremendous utility, efficiency, and viability.
They have been tested in innumerable cases of natural disasters, have provided drinking water for villages, and have also, more simply, provided fresh drinking water in private domestic homes, apartment complexes, schools, educational facilities Laboratories, and hospitals.
Buron’s product line is very reliable, easy to maintain, and is the fruit of a century and a half of European expertise in the purification and distribution of water.

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